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August 5, 2016

Posted by Daniel Fraser

Welcome to the new and improved Easy Buzzer, with our shiny new domain name, easybuzzer.com! We've migrated the whole site from our old domain, easy.bz. This is an important acquisition for our company. We were able to purchase it with ease from Tom Dorsher, CEO of DigiGames, a purveyor of internet connected trivia games and game show products based in North Dakota. Luckily we avoided action sites like Sedo by simply getting in contact with Tom’s company support directly. With our new domain name purchase, we plan to improve branding, communication and general utility. Here are a few things we learned in the process of acquiring the domain, which may help you if you plan to do the same and haven’t gone through a private sale before.

Using sites like Escrow is not always necessary - sending large sums of money to strangers over the internet can be a little scary. Though escrow websites can help ease one’s nerves when making a purchase from an unknown user, the fees can sometimes be quite high. In our case, these fees were a significant portion of the total cost. We learned, however, that PayPal’s buyer protection policy covers domain names by phoning their support and asking them directly. I decided to use this service instead (I would recommend calling them before relying on our experience here, as their policies may change at any time). If the domain name was not delivered, PayPal would refund the total amount paid. Just to be safe, our team at Easy Buzzer made sure to confirm our contact’s identity to a reasonable degree before sending payment. We had Tom Dorsher invoice us in PayPal with an itemized receipt of our domain name purchase in keeping with the paper trail PayPal suggested we have to ensure safety.

It’s important to both protect your purchase and verify the identity of your contact to ensure they aren’t a hacker or rogue employee! If you can’t do both of those things without an escrow service, or are paying a life changing amount of money, I would recommend that you pony up the fees and use escrow to keep your business safe.

Dot-com is king - Even with more than 1000 TLDs available now, there is still a bias in favour and an expectation of a dot-com domain name, and we decided to swim with the tide instead of fight the status quo on this one. When discussing Easy Buzzer with potential customers, investors and business partners there was always either an ask for spelling clarification of our .BZ domain, or a blunt comment like, “you should get the dot-com.” As our website name reflects our brand name exactly, it is easier for our customers to tell their friends about us as easybuzzer.com, as the case may be for you as well. Further, when discussing a project or service with important players like investors or partners, a dot-com will help provide proof of your competence in branding, marketing and negotiation abilities. We’ve already seen positive results from our switch when discussing the product and URL from both clients and partners!

Migration should be both tedious and arduous - To ensure the best results. Make a checklist: email addresses set up and receiving email, DKIM and SPF records updated and verified, third party service provider content templates, website copy and links, application code changes, 301 redirects, new SSL certificates purchased and configured in your servers. Do all of these things before your public move, and then test it all again after. Also, make sure you’ve tested your DNS settings on a global checker before making the final switch. Read through the Google webmaster tools domain migration guide for good advice on maintaining and improving your SEO.

The internet is full of helpful people! - Luckily, it’s not all domainers and used car salesmen out there. You might be surprised who owns the domain you want to purchase. Tom is a really great guy and skilled electrical engineer and his professional and personal strengths reflect in how he runs DigiGames; their testimonials page is filled with praise. His company creates some really fun professional gameshow products and trivia subscriptions (check out the DigiGames blog). With his internet-connected hardware, you can create your own live Jeopardy event, a bar trivia night that one-ups the competition, spice up your school lectures, or my personal favorite, you can even make a technology company networking event actually fun! We’re getting a few items shipped to our office now because we think it will help us stand out amongst the many standard ping-pong and table soccer events happening in Vancouver. I’m looking forward to corresponding with Tom about some electrical hardware engineering tools I’ve been learning about; it’s always great to find a professional contact with whom to correspond and from whom to learn!

Here's the product we're having shipped from DigiGames - They're for our networking events and show-and-tell meetings. They're called Trivia Cubes.

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